Monday, July 18, 2005

Technical Manager, XpressTrade

At Xpresstrade, I am involved in building a Trading Platform for
options and futures traders all over the globe.
I am trying to integrate Portal Server along with Streaming Quotes
Applications and hosting it over a clustered environment.
If this gets successful,traders all across the globe can just trade with one desktop with balance information,quotes,charts,order entry etc everything updated
simultaneously and hence uniting synchronous and asynchronous data flow.

American Citizen?

How does it feel to be a future American Citizen? Well the feelings are mixed..
I do miss India... my mom,my friends and someone. But at the same time one gets
a lot of recognition for his work here in US and the basic quality of life is
very good here.
There are both Pros and Cons of US.. you might drive a BMW and at the same time
you have to wash your own dishes after a whole tiring day at work..!

So, though am in the process of getting a Green Card as a permanent Resident of
USA, sometimes at the back of my heart I do miss India.. :) specially my family
and near and dear ones.
(Pic: Drawing room in my apartment in Chicago)

IMT Ghaziabad,my renaissance

I still cant forget my two years at IMT ghaziabad..
it was the best phase of my life.. and the amount I learnt
and transformed myself as a person is worth mentioning.
From a quiet, shy small town guy, IMT transformed me to be
a typical dynamic business manager.

From Manhattan,NY to Chicago,a place for newly married couple

Have you ever heard about Lake Michigan?
Well its not a lake at all..
More of a sea... and it adds to beauty of Chicago.

From the hudson river in Manhattan to the lake shore drive in
Chicago.. life in US for me has seen two opposite pole... from the
hustles and bustles in NY to the quiet and calm Chicago.. ! While NY is
more suited for freelancing Bachelors, Chicago is ideal for a newly married
(Pic: In my apartment in Chicago)

Its me

its me here...
well from haldia to kolkata, from kolkata to ghaziabad, then to delhi
to Newyork, to Bangalore and now in Chicago.. it has been a long long

But life just goes on.. and will go on..!!

Welcome to my blogger..!!